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Colon Cancer Screening

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Colon Cancer Screening

Colon Cancer Screening services offered in Roseville, CA

Colon cancer is the third most common cause of cancer in the United States, and adults should start regular colon cancer screening at age 45. The board-certified gastroenterologists at Capitol GI in Roseville, California, take a focused and preventive approach to care, performing colon cancer screening for those in need. To schedule your colon cancer screening, call the office or book an appointment online today. Telemedicine consultations are available.

What is colon cancer?

Colon cancer, also called colorectal cancer, is cancer that develops in the large intestine — the last section of your digestive tract that includes your colon and rectum. Colon polyps are very common benign growths found along the lining of the colon. However, when not removed, polyps may turn cancerous.

Colon polyps are common and rarely turn into cancer. However, finding and removing these growths lowers your risk of developing colon cancer. 

What is colon cancer screening?

A colon cancer screening is a health test that looks for early signs of colon cancer, including benign polyps. Finding colon cancer during the early stages improves your chance of a full recovery. 

Capitol GI is a full-service gastroenterology practice dedicated to supporting the health and well-being of the community the board-certified doctors serve and provides colon cancer screenings.

What are the types of colon cancer screening tests?

Gastroenterologists offer many colon cancer screening tests. These tests include:

Stool tests

Stool tests for colon cancer look for blood, antibodies, or DNA in stool that may indicate colon cancer. 

Flexible sigmoidoscopy

A flexible sigmoidoscopy is an endoscopic procedure that evaluates the lining of the last section of the large intestine — the sigmoid colon — using a thin, flexible tube with a light and camera. 

Computed tomography (CT) colonography

A CT colonography uses X-ray imaging to create pictures of your entire colon to look for tumors and other abnormalities. 


Colonoscopy is the gold-standard colon cancer screening test. During this evaluation, your gastroenterologist uses a colonoscope to examine the full length of your large intestine for polyps and other abnormalities.

When do I need colon cancer screening?

Currently, it’s recommended that all adults start colon cancer screening at age 45. However, your gastroenterologist at Capitol GI may recommend you start screening earlier if you have risk factors for colon cancer, such as a family history of colon cancer or personal history of polyps.

People with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) — ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease — also need to start colon cancer screening at an earlier age. 

The frequency of your screenings depends on the type of screening test you have and the results. Stool testing is repeated every 1-3 years, flexible sigmoidoscopy every five years, CT colonography every five years, and colonoscopy every 10 years. 

If the results from your stool test, flexible sigmoidoscopy, or CT colonography are positive, you need to have a colonoscopy. 

To schedule your colon cancer screening, call Capitol GI or book an appointment online today.